Our cookie policy

Praditus use cookies and similar tools across our Websites and/or Apps in order to improve their performance and enhance your user experience. This policy explains how we do that.

By continuing surfing across our website and/or using any Praditus’ App, code, service, license whatsoever, you acknowledge having read, consented and understood the use of cookies as set forth in our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

What are cookies?

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your computer's hard drive through your web browser. Every time the member loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the member's previous activity.

To make it more precise, cookies generally refer to login information. When you use our services or view content provided by Praditus, we may automatically collect and store certain information in your server. This may include: details of how you used our service, such as your search queries; IP address; device event information, such as crashes, system activity, hardware settings, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request and referral URL.

What sort of cookies does the Praditus use?

There is more than one type of cookie, each one with its own characteristics and functions. The list here below indicates what type cookies our website utilizes, and what their functions are:

  • Authentification cookies
    Once you are signed to your Praditus account, these cookies help us show you the right information and personalize your experience
  • Preferences, features and services cookies
    These cookies let us know which language you prefer or what your communications preferences are. They can help you fill out forms on Praditus more easily. They also provide you with features, insights, and customized content in conjunction with our plugins.
  • Advertising cookies
    Praditus and our advertisers might use cookies to serve you with advertisements that we believe are relevant to you and your interests.
  • Performance, Analytics and Research cookies
    In order to learn how well our site and plugins perform in different locations we use this type of cookies. We use them as well as mechanism to understand, improve, and research: products, features, and services, including when you access Praditus from other websites, applications, or devices such as your work computer or your mobile device.
  • Security cookies
    We use these cookies to enable and support our security features, and to help us detect malicious activity and violations of our User Agreement.

Does anyone else use cookies on Praditus websites/apps?

Advertisers sometimes might use their own cookies to provide you with targeted advertising. We believe that it is useful to our users to see advertisements that are more relevant to their interests.

Praditus also allows third parties to serve cookies that fall into the five categories above. For example, like many companies, we use Google Analytics to help us monitor our website traffic. We may also use third party cookies to help us with market research, revenue tracking, improving site functionality and monitoring compliance with our terms and conditions and copyright policy.

What can you do if you wish not to receive cookies?

As we mentioned above, one of the main reasons why we implemented the use of cookies is because these alphanumeric identifiers improve considerably the experience of users while visiting our websites. Nonetheless the latter does not imply user cannot surf across our website without the use of cookies.

Praditus proposes the following options in the event that You wish not to receive any cookies from Praditus:

  • Adjust your browser’s settings to prevent receiving cookies. This process differs from one browser to the other. Praditus recommends you to visit your browser’s website and learn the setting up process for your particular browser.
  • Utilize a third Party`s software in order to set up the conditions on which you wish to receive cookies. The CNIL (the administrative independent French body entrusted with the general duty to inform people of the rights that the data protection legislation allows them) suggest a list including third parties` software such as: Ad4mat , Adconion Direct or AdLantic which can be used for this purpose. For more information please visit the following link: http://www.cnil.fr/vos-obligations/sites-web-cookies-et-autres-traceurs/.
  • Do not continue surfing across the Praditus website

User acknowledges and accepts that Praditus shall not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of any of these aforementioned options.

Praditus reserves the right to modify this cookie policy at any moment in absence of User’s consent. Praditus agrees to notify User, via mail, regarding the modifications implemented in the current Cookie Policy.

If you have any questions regarding this Cookie Policy please contact our Privacy Officer by e-mail at support@praditus.com.

Last updated on 22nd May 2015