Praditus Assessment

Find the candidates that truly meet your needs

Best match

Our Best Match algorithm will find the best candidate for each opening

Praditus can create a Target Profile for each of your job postings, powered by our database, that defines the key competencies expected from candidates.

Candidate evaluation

A multi-dimensional evaluation that meets your recruitment needs

Through its exclusive multi-dimensional approach, Praditus can evaluate your candidates on the full range of their interpersonal skills. Our 10 modules (including personality, interests, motivation, and stress management) and their translation into over 30 soft skills provide you with a 360-degree view of each individual. This information is summarized in a special version of Praditus Assessment designed for recruiters.

Enhance your brand through recruitment

Provide your candidates with an innovative and caring experience.

When you use Praditus as part of your recruitment process, you are giving each candidate a unique opportunity to learn more about themselves on an accessible and caring platform, no matter what their outcome is.