Praditus Counselor

Simplified follow-up for coaches and career counselors through detailed psychometric reports.

Access to individual results

Easy and complete access to your clients’ results.

Praditus offers its coaches and career counselors an interface that makes it easy to monitor a large number of clients. The interface provides an overview of all your clients as well as easy access to individual results (personal style and competencies), which you can compare according to various professions and skill profiles.

Psychometric reports

Complete, multi-dimensional psychometric reports

As a coach or career counselor, you have exclusive access to reports on psychometric results of personality (Big 5), interest (Holland model), and logical reasoning tests. These will give you up-close insights into each person you are working with.

Coaching support

Simple and effective tools that facilitate coaching and management support

Praditus provides a standardized approach for guiding and monitoring personal development. Coaches can adapt their advice depending on their individual programs, but our monitoring tools and progress indicators ensure consistency in coaching. Discussions are more interactive and effective thanks to:

  • Discussion boards with regular monitoring
  • Appointment booking feature
  • Evaluation of both progress and satisfaction for users, coaches, and trainers

Professional ethics and confidentiality

An ethical approach to development focused on personal strengths

Praditus is a caring platform that focuses on the positive aspects of users’ personalities. The platform covers the skills and behaviors that often arise in professional life and help create a better working atmosphere. Praditus does not cover dimensions related to mental health, which under certain circumstances would require a different approach.

Praditus thus recognizes and respects national and international ethics standards for testing (ITC), coaching, and psychology.

We respect user confidentiality and support user development through an approach that focuses on strengths.