Strategic workforce development with our HR software—Praditus

Strategic workforce development is essential for every HR department.

It helps anticipate the future needs of your human resources and gives you an overview of what will happen with the company and its employees. Get to know Praditus, your partner in strategic workforce development.

Strategic workforce planning

In order to anticipate the future needs of its human resources, every company needs to be able to plan and have an overview of what will happen with the company and its employees. Strategic workforce planning is thus essential for every HR department because it helps avoid abrupt and unforeseen decision-making for the company and its team members.

The importance of strategic workforce planning to HR

Strategic workforce planning makes it easier to anticipate matching skills to jobs, which implies a better calibration of jobs and thus better remuneration for team members. It also offers better career management by reducing risk. Overall, when this strategy is implemented, it becomes possible to anticipate and reduce or even eliminate risk so that the company can stay productive while investing in its human capital.

The challenges of strategic workforce planning

Strategic workforce planning has three major challenges. First of all, there are social challenges requiring good career management and anticipation of workforce evolutions (aging, turnover, diversity). Then there are economic challenges, as it is necessary to maintain the company’s competitive edge and a high level of performance. Finally, HR strategic workforce planning must be able to manage working conditions, in the sense of managing workplace stress or improving communication.

Praditus: your partner in strategic workforce planning

 Praditus is an HR solution providing a constant overview of skills and a treasure trove of resources for building on skills or learning new ones. This solution allows its users to manage their careers within the company and above all can help HR departments with strategic workforce planning. How? With full access to an analysis and synthesis of the human capital in your workforce, it becomes easy to monitor and manage people, careers, skills, and changes in companies and their people.