Praditus for universities

Help your students discover the future that's right for them.

Praditus helps higher education institutions offer their students an in-depth analysis of their individual strengths. This analysis can help them find the career path that suits them best.

  • Build your students’ confidence by helping them discover their skills and motivations.

    Once they have the self-knowledge provided by Praditus, students can more confidently describe themselves to recruiters and more easily access the best career for them.

  • Target and improve your students’ soft skills

    The better you know your students’ strengths, the more effective your instruction can be. Student motivation is bound to increase.

  • Improve your reputation

    Students who have identified their strengths and passions have the most brilliant careers and are in an excellent position to attract new students to your campus.

  • Help students identify their values and find companies that fit

    To be fulfilled in their job, students need to work for a company whose values fit their own. Praditus provides you with a clear picture of not only what your students value but also what potential employers value.

  • Improve teamwork skills

    Praditus helps students learn to manage stress and improve interpersonal relationships. It provides you with an in-depth personality analysis so that you can better understand how your students relate to one another.