Praditus para entrenadores

Apoya a tus empleados con un programa de entrenamiento digital personalizado

Praditus ahora cuenta con su propio equipo de mentores personales e instructores ejecutivos afiliados. Nuestros entrenadores tienen todas las certificaciones y requisitos necesarios para proporcionar coaching personal de alta calidad y eficacia.

Praditus now has its own team of affiliated life and executive coaches. Our coaches have all the necessary certificates and qualifications to offer high-quality personal, operational, and executive coaching.

Developing skills with an HR coach

Workplace coaching allows team members to seek out their innermost resources to be able to complete projects, solve problems, etc. People who are thus coached are able to develop all their skills. HR coaches motivate them and help them flourish and become more engaged in their work. This then becomes evident in company results. Whether in individual or group sessions, coaching must be personal and professional for it to be relevant. Companies often resort to workplace coaching to resolve specific internal difficulties. Due to lack of time, these problems are generally treated superficially and remain latent. An HR coach can work with team members to find the means to move on once and for all.

In addition to his in-depth knowledge of HR and psychometric tools, each HR coach operates in and understand major corporations and institutions

Our personal and professional coaching services:

  • Certified life and executive coaches with experience in major corporations
  • A digital distance-learning program focused on user experience
  • A structured approach using the Praditus platform, providing a series of coaching sessions followed by a satisfaction survey for both parties.

We can also supply a skills and behavior lexicon related to the coaching objectives in your company.

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