Evaluation of professional and soft skills

Soft skills development increases confidence and status within a group.

Praditus offers a digital solution for real professional skills evaluation and development.

Developing soft skills

As an individual, developing soft skills helps increase confidence, gain status within a group, and better communicate with peers. Therefore, companies that help develop employees’ soft skills will build team cohesion and thus productivity.

The importance of soft skills development

It is important to understand your skills to be able to identify strengths and areas for improvement. After a skills evaluation, you can look for the necessary resources to improve them. Soft skills are necessary in every area of a company, but don’t always have the same level of importance. Executives, for example, need to develop the necessary competences to reinforce their status as a manager and to develop a relationship of trust with their team.

The challenges of soft skills development

Executives need to be able to adapt to each individual personality within their teams, and employees need to build confidence and show assertiveness. To gain these skills, they first need to be evaluated: how can you build skills if you don’t know you have them? The biggest challenge is to have the right tool to fairly and correctly evaluate everyone’s skills and then provide resources to make skills development simple and effective.

How can Praditus help with soft skills development?

Praditus offers a digital solution focused on ease of use and understanding. Our solution provides access to a multitude of resources that are customized to each user based on their test results. The goal of our platform is to be accessible while providing real professional skills development evaluation solutions and long-term development.