Talent Management

Strategic workforce planning is an HR solution that can boost a company’s competitive advantage through the professional development of its top talents.

Praditus offers a digital management solution for high-potentials to test their skills and learn more about themselves. Talent management as an ally in productivity.

Strategic workforce management is a fundamental aspect of management in a company. It’s important for your talent to be able to test themselves to better understand their strengths and areas for improvement. Once they know their skills, your talent needs to understand them better to be able to exercise them and have access to resources to help them further develop their skills.

The importance of talent management

Talent management is an HR solution that builds a company’s competitive advantage through the professional development of its top talents. The importance of strategic workforce management is thus clear: using the know-how of your human capital and making it available to meet the needs of your company. To be able to succeed in this, it is extremely important to have access to the appropriate solutions, which need to be user-friendly, concise, and clear.

The challenges of strategic workforce management

To manage the skills of their team members, companies need to provide accurate solutions that can develop their teams’ abilities and summarize them explicitly and comprehensibly. The main challenge is to provide your talent with a solution that summarizes their competencies and provides access to appropriate development resources. You can avoid stressful tests that can undermine talent who just want to get an overview of their skills. A talent management solution must be realistic and interactive and provide a clear summary of skills.

Praditus and skills management  

We have overhauled the traditional skills management solution to make it more easily understandable and accessible to all. Skills tests can be stressful when they are not engaging and interactive. Praditus offers a digital solution for managing high potentials that tests their competencies and thus helps them understand themselves better through a simple test that asks questions about a multitude of criteria for an extremely accurate evaluation of your talent. The results are clearly described and expressed in percentages. Finally, a selection of resources is offered based on the test results.