Ofereça aos seus gerentes ferramentas e suporte digital para aumentar suas competências gerenciais

Nossos programas de treinamento

Forme seus funcionários para usar nossas ferramentas digitais e nossas técnicas de análise comportamental

Do you want to know:

  • How to improve your managers’ interpersonal skills while giving them better insight into themselves?
  • How to help your managers communicate, motivate, and manage better using innovative digital solutions?
  • How to support professional transitions while considering your managers’ potential and preferences?
  • How to help your key employees develop and facilitate their skills acquisition?

Enhance your employees’ skills through training on our digital solutions and behavioral analysis techniques. Praditus offers you an agile approach to facilitate change through training modules in several formats:

  • Online classes and webinars related to your current concerns
  • An innovative approach to training and coaching
  • A digital behavior evaluation tool and the appropriate training for using it properly
  • Formulation tools for effective team development
  • Levers for better communication, management, motivation, and assistance among team members

Programas digitais de aceleração de talentos

Acelere o desenvolvimento de seus talentos com ferramentas digitais e programas feitos sob medida

Praditus provides its methodological expertise and knowledge of digital HR tools to create customized programs for its clients. Our potential acceleration programs can include:

  • Creativity and development workshops
  • Creating together: design thinking to encourage collective intelligence
  • Moving from theoretical discussions to practical exercises
  • Tools for understanding and getting ahead

Individual coaching that values each unique personality

  • Multi-dimensional evaluation of each individual
  • Putting results and development actions in the context of a position in the company
  • Personalizing development actions while integrating a collaborative dimension
  • High-quality, certified life and executive coaches

A project dimension with innovative teamwork and effective distance coaching

  • Uniting key employees around innovation
  • Giving groups the tools to solve a strategic or operational problem in the company
  • Leading discussions and online classes on relevant information
  • Strategic flexibility and technological awareness
  • Focusing experiments on digital user experience
  • Sharing the concept of innovation within and outside the HR department