Career management: career management solutions – Praditus

Praditus offers a career management solution that helps determine your behavior preferences and point you toward the path that’s right for you.

Our software offers accurate and continuous tracking of your progress.

Career management: a basic need

A career needs to be managed. It’s important not to let it stagnate to avoid setbacks in a team member’s progress. Thus, it is important to have access to a solution that allows users to keep track of their career progress. Skills building, stress management, communication management—there are so many aspects that need to be constantly worked on. To this end, Praditus is a user-friendly and easy-to-understand solution.

The importance of career management

When a company offers its employees career management tools, it sends the message that they are not just production machines but have brain power to be developed over the long term. In other words: the company trusts them and wants to help them improve. This solution is thus a win for both sides: the company motivates its employees to develop and increase their productivity, and the employees gain opportunities and enthusiasm for their work.

The challenges of career management

Above all, a company’s or an HR department’s career management program should create loyalty between the employee and the employer. For career management to be effective, each side needs to feel invested in the other. It is important that the solution offered helps employees become more proactive in developing and understanding their skills, learning more about themselves, and looking for advancements to strive for.

Praditus, a career management tool for everyone

Praditus works with fun but accurate tests. Using your results, the software can determine your behavioral aptitudes to orient you towards a career path that’s right for you. It offers resources anyone wishing to manage their career to improve skills you’re learning or build on skills you already have. What’s more, the progress tracking based on this career management software is precise and continuous so that everyone feels supported.