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Explore our management, career development and soft skills courses

Praditus certification pathways to develop behavioral skills

remote management


This course will enable you to update and improve your management skills in order to meet the challenges of managing teams remotely in a context of uncertainty.

effective collaboration

Collaborating effectively remotely

This course will provide you with the necessary tools to improve your collaboration and communication with your teammates, giving you new ideas on how to work with virtual and hybrid teams.

effective communication

Communicating effectively remotely

Essential for increasing your communication efficiency in the current context, this course will enable you to take up the challenges of working with remote teams.

make decisions

Deciding and prioritizing in times of crisis

This course will help you update and improve the systems you use to manage your workload by helping you make the right decisions about how to prioritize your work.

Career and employability

Managing your career and maximizing employability

This course will help you improve your self-marketing and understand the most useful skills for you to develop. You will also practice new techniques for assessing your employability skills.

Praditus certification


The Praditus certification program trains you to interpret and apply Praditus tools for soft skills development and career guidance.

Praditus Owl

A unique and effective
learner-centered experience

3 pillars

Self knowledge

Self-awareness linked to the course

Individualized training leverages the power of the Praditus platform to facilitate continuous self-knowledge and personal development, even after the training has been completed.


One-to-one session with a trainer

At each stage of the training, participants are individually supervised by an expert trainer who adapts to their level and provides encouragement and support in their skills development.


Learning by doing: one-the-job challenges

The training courses are based on the key concept of putting the new behaviors into practice in real situations discussed with the expert trainer. Participants make real progress between sessions.

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A truly innovative training

I’ve done a lot of training in my company, but every time I go back to my old habits. The Praditus training course on remote communication allowed me to put the exercises into practice and really transform the way I communicate.

Lauren A.

The dedicated trainer makes the difference

This is the first time my company has allowed me to do training with a trainer just for me... and that makes all the difference. I appreciate receiving truly personalized coaching that builds on my strengths and what I need to improve. All training should be in this format!

Joseph H.

A precious help to develop my skills

I got to know Praditus through my company because I needed to improve cooperation in my team. The Praditus diagnosis allowed me to start on the right track and not to make mistakes on what I really needed to improve. As a young mother, I really appreciated the fact that I could meet with my trainer at my own pace and when I was available.

Daniela S.

Immediate effectiveness

I am a sales manager and I appreciated that the Praditus training helped me directly in my sales performance. The trainer accompanied me for 4 weeks and was available at any time if I had any questions. I had exercises and readings to do between each session. The format is different from traditional training but it is much more effective.

Paul B.

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