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Laura, PR team leader

Laura had been hitting her stride as a manager. Then the pandemic struck, and she felt like she no longer had control over what her team members were doing. Laura built her trust and management skills through a Praditus course that helped her to adapt to managing her team remotely and prepare to possibly manage a hybrid team.

Chris, HR manager

Chris could see that many employees at his company would have difficult adjusting to the new ways of working: more teamwork, new collaborative platforms, more quick changes in their projects. Christophe worked with Praditus to help those employees find the strengths they would need to adapt to and even thrive within the changes.

Alex, consumer product designer

Alex was very good at his job, but he felt stale and unmotivated. He wondered if he should look for a new job in his company or elsewhere, but he wasn’t sure what kind of job would be more satisfying. With the help of the Praditus self-awareness experience, Alex discovered his strengths and motivations so that he could better focus his career orientation.

Emily, IT project manager

Emily still had a job at her company, but she had been reassigned to a new team working on a completely different product. She needed to build new relationships and skills while working on an urgent project. Emily talked to a Praditus counselor to build her confidence and learn more about how she learned, managed stress, and interacted with others.

Discover the best talent development experience

Praditus helps all of our organization’s employees get to know themselves and find relevant suggestions for their development. The Praditus solution therefore is a very good response to the current changes in managers’ training needs of managers (multimodal format, short modules, support targeted to their needs) from a reliable and recognized theoretical base. It fits in well with the axes of our L&D policy.

Self-awareness and soft skills courses are key for everyone to reach their full potential, achieve their goals and thrive, which is why we introduced Praditus at Sodexo. The platform competency model was customized to our own, to ensure a consistent employee experience across the board. Praditus is a key asset in our leadership development portfolio, providing our Leaders with a fully personalized and self-paced experience. Beyond the platform itself, we’ve also organized debrief sessions and workshops to go further. Feedback from learners is excellent.

In this time of great transformation, CNP Assurances wanted to support our team members’ development and promote internal mobility and cross-functional skills. It was essential to develop cross-functional skills to adapt, face uncertainty, and strengthen their ability to take action. We chose Praditus to enable our employees to improve their self-awareness within their current roles and to help them develop their skills and build career plans. We were delighted with the expertise, rigor and quality of advice offered by Praditus.

I use Praditus as part of my client projects related to organizational and cultural transformation. If we want to move quickly in this direction and build a support tool that can reach every individual, Praditus is a new dimension focused on the Human. It confirms the potential of digital technology as a tool that can increase and accelerate the movement of change management, giving participants some freedom within their own paths. I am very pleased at the rigor and potential that Praditus provides; it has become an asset in my client projects because of its agility and modernity.

We have been working with the Praditus team for 3 years now on the roll-out of a course called “Digital transformation facilitator” that was developed jointly by the teams at the ESCP Business School and Netexplo. The Praditus team has been extremely responsive and insightful as they supported us in implementing this completely online certification course. The complementary contributions Praditus has made through its self-discovery module has added a real bonus to our teaching and the participant experience.

Praditus has participated in the creation of our pedagogical innovations to build an improved and positive student experience for discovering their talents. The Praditus team has demonstrated adaptability and flexibility in implementing educational content that reflects our values and challenges. Our students, who have free and independent access to the tools and resources on the Praditus platform, will know how to make the most of their potential while applying for jobs or starting out in the workplace

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Built upon scientifically validated models in management and psychology as well as best practices in e-learning, the Praditus platform addresses the major challenges every HR department faces.

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