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    of people satisfied

  • 87%

    rated Praditus as the best personality test

  • 92%

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I love personalized recommendations

I enjoyed discovering myself on Praditus but my favorite part is clearly the recommendations on the platform. I receive a weekly email booster that summarizes a key resource. I also have access to recommendations on my smartphone and enjoy being able to discover resources I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

Aurelie E.

Development plan

My company asked me to write a development plan when I took over as a new manager. The support of the Praditus coach during the debriefing made me understand the challenges I had to work on that would make a difference.

Clarissa A.

Personality test 2.0

The self-knowledge with Praditus exceeds what I have tested in other companies with personality tests. The wealth of information provided and the recommendations really make a difference.

Jeremy O.


I love this very intuitive and easy to use application. I was able to discover my personality traits, interests, motivation and even my emotional intelligence style! I recommend this application to all those who want to know themselves better in terms of personal development.

Julie E.

Discuss your profile with one of our Praditus Certified Professionals

Our Praditus experts help your employees understand their strengths and areas for development.

  • 100% confidential remote discussion
  • Certified coach (ICF, ...) and exclusive Praditus certification
  • Available in various languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, ...)
  • 88% satisfaction rate

“The most extensive, caring, innovative and scientific self-awareness experience”

Self-knowledge that extends
far beyond personality

10+ modules of personal styles:

  • Personality (Big-5)
  • Interests (RIASEC)
  • Motivation
  • Emotion management
  • Stress management
  • Learning style
  • Management style
  • Work environment
  • Intelligence type
  • Tech savviness interest

More than 120 underlying dimensions to better understand why each employee is unique:

  • Stability
  • Self-efficacy
  • Agreeableness
  • Leadership
  • Initiative
  • Openness
  • Curiosity
  • Planning
  • Social desirability
  • Self-knowledge…
Extended self-knowledge

One single view to discover your behavorial competency profile

72 competencies organised according to 8 pillars:

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Operational efficiency
  • Innovation potential
  • Potential for transformation
  • Durable behaviours
  • Industrial safety
  • Psychological safety in times of crisis

This competency map can be contextualized for your organization or a specific competency or leadership model.

Extended self-knowledge

Personalized recommendations based on each profile

Our algorithm determines the best resources adapted to each person in a unique way.

  • Suggestions of priority skills to be developed
  • Recommended behaviors at the individual and managerial level
  • 5000 videos, podcasts, articles, pdf abstracts
  • Competency capsules
  • Online courses
Recommended for you!
  • Videos

  • Podcasts

  • PDF files

  • Articles

  • Online courses

Insights that allow you to watch growth happen in real time

Praditus allows you to access your profile in 1 single PDF report. You can keep track of your former reports to monitor your progress.

Insights diagram
  • 5 strengths

    you can build on

  • 6 hours

    on average of individual learning

  • 95%

    of profile completion

Insights illustration

Is Praditus right
for my team members ?

Gain awareness of your strengths

Understand the different dimensions of your personality and preferences in interacting with complete confidentiality


Engage in your personalized development journey

Make continual progress on your development journey, whenever and wherever you choose


Improve your ability to deal with difficult situations

Focus on developing the soft skills you need to thrive in a challenging work environment


Be agile in your own development

Regularly check your progress, update your goals, and continue to become aware of new dimensions to your personality


Our benefits for your organization

Cloud Cloud Cloud Baloon
  • Align the Praditus experience with your leadership model and/or your values

    Promote the use of shared vocabulary about competencies.

  • Get an instant overview of your team or organization

    Understand usage and adjust your training strategy based on anonymized and aggregated data that shed light on the soft skills your teams show a need for.

  • Leverage Praditus to make all your organization's resources available

    Make sure the resources you have in your organization (videos, podcasts, articles, etc...) are made available to your teams via Praditus.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is personal development?

    Personal development means learning and making progress in areas that are important to you. Engaging in personal development can help you become more productive, improve your relationships, and/or build your self-esteem.

  • What are soft skills?

    Soft skills are competencies that are useful in any setting in or outside the workplace; they are the skills that help you manage yourself and others and interact with others effectively.

  • Is Praditus a personality test?

    One component of Praditus is a personality test based on the Big Five model, but our questionnaire looks at many other aspects of who you are: your interests, preferences, motivations, and more!

  • What is the scientific validity of Praditus?

    Praditus is based exclusively on solid, well-known theories in psychology and management sciences (e.g., Big 5 and RIASEC). Praditus has an in-house research team specialized in psychometrics. The statistical validity of our questionnaires is regularly measured and has been found to be very good.

  • What does the word Praditus mean?

    Praditus comes from the Latin word “Praeditus”, which means “gifted”. When we came across this word, it seemed like the perfect fit for our company: everyone is gifted with certain talents that we can help them recognize!

  • Is Praditus only for managers?

    Praditus is frequently used for managers, but we have many programs that involve other populations, such as developers, project managers, HR, and laborers. All of the employees we work with appreciate our approach because developing self-awareness and competencies is not reserved for a privileged few in a company.

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