Our Manifesto

Self knowledge

One conviction

Self-awareness is what makes it possible to develop soft skills.
Our goal: act as a catalyst for concrete and sustainable change driven by team members who are able to transform their individual energies into a collective movement that creates value for itself and for others.

Self knowledge

One ambition

Give everyone the tools they need to reveal their potential, realize themselves, and flourish in their company.

Self knowledge

One philosophy

People are and should be at the heart of the many transformations that are occurring throughout companies and society.

Self knowledge

One team

Throughout our different domains, we are unified in our pursuit of excellence and our heightened sense of responsibility to provide a technical and personal experience of the highest quality

Our Story

Praditus was born from the meeting of three strong minds.

  • Yohan Ruso

    Co-Founder & Chairman

    Yohan, a serial entrepreneur and expert in digital innovation, became fascinated with skills development while he was Managing Director at eBay France. During that experience, one simple idea would not let him go: "How can we make development and talent management tools accessible to more members of a company than just a chosen few?"
    This thought led to the birth of Praditus (which means "being talented").

  • Andres Davila

    Co-Founder & Research Director

    Andres, a PhD in management sciences as well as a clinical psychologist and author of several academic articles on intercultural management, was immediately enthusiastic about the idea of Praditus, which would broaden and simplify access to talent management and HR solutions, which can often be complex and stressful. Andrés originated the theoretical model at the heart of Praditus and now helps companies anchor their leadership model to the Praditus base.

  • Philippe Plichon

    Associate Director

    Philippe, an experienced Director in major endeavors such as Google and Dropbox with an international background (7 years in Sweden), grew increasingly convinced that his team members’ success (and his own) was mainly related to their soft skills and their ability to upgrade themselves to the next level. While working on his coaching skills at HEC, he met Yohan and Andrés. He instantly felt Praditus made complete sense for him. At Praditus he connects the dots between business and coaching, while scaling the company in his human way.