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Advanced people science for more engaged workplaces.

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It's time to rethink employee engagement

HR professionals have been pulled away from their passion

Instead of developing people or talent strategy, you're overwhelmed by 'administrivia'.

Disengaged employees

Employees feel they’re just ‘doing a job’. The result is lacklustre performance and dysfunctional teams.

Volatile talent market

An unstable workplace creates an unstable workforce. You need opportunities to partner with your employees, and strengthen bonds.

No shortage of information. But a real shortage of insight

Data is good, but unless it's interpreted to help you make smart decisions, it's useless.

Praditus. The solution for HR professionals who want a true partnership with their employees

Praditus is a powerful tool that creates a truly interactive interface between employees and HR professionals.

That said, partnership isn't the only benefit of using this remarkable tool:

  • Identify the hidden potential in your workforce
  • Retain and engage talent
  • Better allocate training opportunities and budgets
  • Target and improve the behavioural competencies of your employees

Better tool, better engagement, better results

Advanced psychometrics

Advanced psychometrics

Praditus is built on advanced psychometric science, and powered by data analytics that enables you to accurately visualize over 50 and personality traits. Our in-house research team, including 3 PhD's in psychometrics and skills management, have applied true scientific rigour to provide results you can truly rely on.

Engaging, human-centric design

Engaging, human-centric design

Praditus engages with friendly graphics and gamification. There are no acronyms or scientific bafflegab. Tests are short, results are immediate, easy to interpret and take action on. We believe in science, but we know that unless people engage, the science will be of little use.

Big picture assessments

Big picture assessments

Praditus assessments give you the big picture. "Employees are given fun tests to complete - and get to see personality and values results immediately. But you see the results of each assessment, from motivation to logic to skills, which becomes a starting point for true employee engagement."

Your people define your company.
Re-define how you develop their talent.


Seven self discovery modules

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Customized learning resources

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Scientific and Business Affiliations

International Test Commission American Psychological Association Academy of Management Oracle, startup accelerator

Praditus is an affiliate member of the International Test Commission, the Academy of Management and The American Psychological Association.

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